2019 Shows and Events


24 May – 22 June
Group Exhibition “Photography @ Elysium; ESPY Photography  Awards” at ELYSIUM Gallery in Swansea, Wales.

15 July – 20 July
Group Exhibition “Instant Art Arles” at Gallery Galerie des Arènes in Arles, France.

8 November – 10 November
Group Exhibition “Instant Art Paris” at Gallery Galerie Joseph 51 Turenne in  Paris, France.



Mads Madison
Mads Madison is a visual artist driven by skateboarding, abrasive music, and experimental art. He creates unique pieces using various chemicals and techniques. In the process, traditional rules are ment to be bent, broken, cut, scratched, and transformed into something new and exciting. This parody of formal aspects inherent to our contemporary society leads to works which can be seen both as a manifesto and as simple self-portraits. There is no right and wrong to Madison – only little – and sometomes beautiful – accidents.

For his Wasted Films project Madison upcycles bits and pieces of photography declared ‘trash’ beforehand. By deconstruction, the original message is distorted and its meaning shifted. It leads to a multiverse of interpretational facets and fragements, leaving the audience orphaned with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts. Madison manipulates the viewer, he creates confusion, setting his audience on a wrong track or luring it in circles. This makes his works touchingly beautiful – and painfully surreal.

In the creation of art, Madison follows two main objectives. Number one: Harm this only world we share as little as possible by using mainly recycled and renewable ressources as well as climate-neutral processes. Number two: Give something back to society by supporting both national and international charity organisations, no matter if it is a local skatepark or a facilty to provide fresh water in Africa.

Selected Shows

Group Exhibition “Instant Art Paris” at Gallery Galerie Josph 51 Turenne in Paris, France. 08.11.2019 – 10.11.2019 during Paris Photo
Group Exhibition “Instant Art Arles” at Galerie des Arènes in Arles, France. 07.15.2019 – 07.20.2019
Group Exhibition “Instant Art Paris” at Gallery Joseph Turenne in Paris, France. 11.09.2018 – 11.11.2018 during Paris Photo
Group Exhibition “Photography @ Elysium; ESPY Photography Awards” at ELYSIUM Galleryin Swansea, Wales. 05.24.2019 – 06.22.2019
Group Exhibition “XEROX & DESTROY 3” at DOOMED Gallery in London, United Kingdom. 08.23.2018
Solo Exhibition “Still Wasted” at 6 Degrees North in Aberdeen, Scotland. 06.18.2018 – 07.01.2018.


Selected Publications

100 Dreams by 100 (Collaborative). tba 2019/20
Analog Forever Magazine Issue 1
by Analog Forever (Collaborative). 2019
Alter/Analog Vol.2 by Alter/Analog (Collaborative). 2018
Emulsion by The Phoblographer (Collaborative). 2018
Studies of an Ephemeral Medium softcover, 56 pages, 40 copies. 2018
OPTIKO Analogue Photography Journal by OPTIKO (Collaborative). 2018

He also appeared in various online publications like the impossible project magazine, PRYME Editions, Square Magazine, Analog Forever and Emulsive

What others say

"Like releasing a voice within, Mads explores the norm, taking it on a journey to his imagination. And it's a wonderful place to be."
"An unusual artist."
Polaroid of the day
"He is among the most open-minded film artists I am aware of. He’s not just a photographer…more of an alchemist. Or maybe a damn good b-movie crazy scientist."
Nils Karlson
"Wasted Films does not sound like something worth to pay attention to, only seemingly!"
Noah Zyla
The Polavoid
“His images take the idea of chance and coincidence, already especially prominent in film photography, to a whole new level. While they seem strangely odd at the beginning, they reach much deep under the surface and expose the viewer to subliminal notice rather than obvious statements. There is no distinct content in them, they moreover seem like a painting and not like photographs anymore.”
Tim Heubeck
“Though he just began his instant film journey a  little over a year ago [2016], he is already making huge impressions on the community.“
Michael Behlen
Analog Forever Zine


Purchasing art
If you feel like giving back to society and getting an original piece of art, this is the right place. Prints are available on demand, use the contact form to get in touch. Most of the artwork on this homepage or on Instagram are available as a poster or a fine art print.

Art is not a privilege. We all go through hard times and through good times. Every print has a suggested price which can be adjusted to a certain extend to fit your current situation. Please use the contact form to get more information.

Getting in Touch
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