Studies of an ephemeral medium

After about a year of work Studies of an ephemeral medium was published April 2018. The softcover book (14,8cm x 14,8cm) consists of 56 pages and was printed eco-friendly at Printzipia on matte 130g/sqm FSC-Certified Circlesilk recycling paper.

This book takes a look at different fragile concepts and is mixed with an epilogue by Keith Mendenhall and short introductions by Anne Silver, Michael Behlen and Graeme Webb. Besides this, it will show the following series:


 With "The Does" the book focuses on the concept of values and morals. My idea while doing this series was to force the viewer look at the photo in a new way. This is done by 'destroying' the face which is the place we first search for information about the person standing in front of us. In our modern days, the most important thing is how you look. Skills, values, our own history, the stories we could tell, all of this doesn't matter. With these photos, I wanted to offer a chance to step back and rethink the standarts.

This series was created to show how much simple things can harm/alter a fragile ecological system. These photos were put in a small humid greenhouse in direct sunlight and it didn't take long before the sun did it's job. Actually Michael Behlen summarized my idea perfectly so I won't spoiler any more.

This series started by accident. I tried to save a wasted shot and it and somehow came to the mixture of those two styles. Graeme once said that he doesn't know what's on the outside of the rooms he creates. Well this is what I imagine.


There are certain personal values linked to the production of this book. One is the idea of not ruining our environment (more than we already do by living on this planet). This led to recycling images and eco-friendly printing.

Another important fact is, that art should be for everyone and it should help improve our society. So part of the profit of this book will be donated to Hardcore Help Foundation and Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.

Hardcore Help Foundation is a non profit humanitarian organization which supports several projects in Germany and abroad like homeless assistance and Community based healthcare clinics in Nakuru County.  

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli is a charity organization, their aim is to improve drinking water supply in developing countries in conjunction with the Welthungerhilfe.

Studies of an ephemeral medium is limited to 40 copies.